Thursday, July 30th….

The Fall 2020 semester is drawing very near. Soon I should publish the welcome pages for my classes – keep an eye on Canvas, if you are a student. Every day we get more updates about the challenges and solutions moving forward. I am excited to make this year be a great one. See you out there (but wear your mask please).

Also, students, I’ve posted a little more in the FAQ page – you might find it useful.

Orientation has started

Orientation for students started its online process Monday (night). Since I have to do the same thing as a parent, I’m doing it with all my students….kind of cool! I’ve also been focusing on the first year experience this week. I think we have the basic schedule and rotations figured out for ITP and we are coming closer to figuring out Production and the safety protocols that need to be in place while doing some new and exciting stuff!

I am hoping to “publish” course modules on Canvas next week, so stay tuned!

Online Course Workshop

So, I’m doing a workshop on how to build an online course. Facinating. It seems that one of the staples of doing this is to create videos of myself. OMG. I hope my students have a good sense of humor. I don’t think my jokes are going to work as well over a video instead of live. Ground-Neutral-Hot-Hot-Hot will not come across the same I think….


Well, the questionnaire is out. I’ve had about 60 bounce back. Oof. I will see if I have secondary emails for those people. However, if you are reading this and you are an alum, please email me at and I will happily send you a questionnaire for the UNCSA DnP Lighting Newsletter, issue #1 – hopefully coming out Aug 1st.

Google Form Ready

It’s been a good weekend. I finished uploading the alum names and emails into my database, created a google form and sent it to a test group (class of 2020). Next, I will be sending the form to everyone I have an email address for and posting the link everywhere I can think of. Please fill it out if you graduated from UNCSA, DnP Lighting. Or even if you just want to be included….

Remember the goal here is to help as many people as possible connected. Talk with you soon!

Finding Family Project

Last night I finished getting all the email addresses and known alumni in one spreadsheet and uploaded into a Filemaker. There are 538 names. Soon (I’m hoping for tomorrow, but at least by Monday) I will send a questionnaire to them all asking a few things:

  • Would you like an Annual Newsletter with department updates, alumni updates, introductions to new graduates and alumni contact info?
  • Would you be willing to include your contact information in the aforementioned Newsletter?
  • What are you working on? Before, during and after COVID-19?

I hope we have a lot of participation. As projects start happening again (whenever that may be) it will be useful to know who your fellow pickles are and if we can help each other!!

School year starting

On August 10th we start the school year as faculty. I didn’t have much of a break or rest from school, but I am ready to go!

We have a new faculty member that will be working with us this year – Roz Fulton. Roz is going to step in and take over fundies, Vectorworks and Computer Graphics. Should be fabulous.

We bought some VLs and some LED strips this year. Use them well.

We are going to continue expanding our use of cloud and computer based posting and record keeping…get used to it.

See ya real soon!