Thursday, July 30th….

The Fall 2020 semester is drawing very near. Soon I should publish the welcome pages for my classes – keep an eye on Canvas, if you are a student. Every day we get more updates about the challenges and solutions moving forward. I am excited to make this year be a great one. See you out there (but wear your mask please).

Also, students, I’ve posted a little more in the FAQ page – you might find it useful.

Orientation has started

Orientation for students started its online process Monday (night). Since I have to do the same thing as a parent, I’m doing it with all my students….kind of cool! I’ve also been focusing on the first year experience this week. I think we have the basic schedule and rotations figured out for ITP and we are coming closer to figuring out Production and the safety protocols that need to be in place while doing some new and exciting stuff!

I am hoping to “publish” course modules on Canvas next week, so stay tuned!

To Do List

I’m always working on my to do list. It is a constant thing that is a combination of email, calendar, written notes and some to do app. I’m trying something new – I’m not reviewing an app, so I’m not going to go into it, but if you want to share how you stay organized, feel free to put it down here in the comments!

Online Course Workshop

So, I’m doing a workshop on how to build an online course. Facinating. It seems that one of the staples of doing this is to create videos of myself. OMG. I hope my students have a good sense of humor. I don’t think my jokes are going to work as well over a video instead of live. Ground-Neutral-Hot-Hot-Hot will not come across the same I think….