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School Started

LOL. You can tell school started. I haven’t posted anything in a while! All I can say is that we are moving along. Its not ideal, but everyone is doing their best and we are having classes and maybe even having some fun!


So, I’m at Boy Scout Camp with my son. It is really great to be ‘away’ for a little bit. I am anxious to work on classes and get rolling with the term, but it is very nice to be outside and doing things that are not connected to the Internet….99% of the time. We … Continue reading

Thursday, July 30th….

The Fall 2020 semester is drawing very near. Soon I should publish the welcome pages for my classes – keep an eye on Canvas, if you are a student. Every day we get more updates about the challenges and solutions moving forward. I am excited to make this year be a great one. See you … Continue reading

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