Progress for 2020-21 Season

Today we had a great talk about the 20-21 Season. It is going to be very interesting. Like so many things, it will be a different season than what we are used to, but it will be interesting and exciting to do productions with different challenges. What we have been thinking about is, how are productions being done around the world right now? How do we teach that and give our students that experience? Intriguing, yes?

Alumni Newsletter

Today I finished step 1!! I now have over 500 names of people that have been a part of the Lighting program over the last 50 years! I don’t have email addresses for everyone, but most! The next step is to build a database (Filemaker) and then create an email list for contacting everyone and asking what they would like to share with the group (if anything). I’ll post here on progress.

In addition to connecting grads and students, I am working on making more pages on this site. Password protected, but a page for each class and my advisees. Look for updates here on ways to make appointments and how to access your class page. Much of this will be duplicated for Canvas, but some things will be only here on Stay tuned!

Alumni Connections

I have been working for several months on an alumni database. Why? One of the most powerful tools you can have at your disposal is your contacts. If I can help you all (students, new graduates and alumni) connect with one another think how much more useful your address book will be! To that end, I am hoping to send out a quick survey about who is OK with publishing their contact info. After that, I’ll create a newsletter (big newsletter) to send to everyone on the list. I’m really excited about it!!!

New Equipment

One very exciting thing is that we have been able to buy a bunch of new equipment this summer. We should have enough instrumentation and dimmers to support the shows we do now and we even got some truss to expand the grid in our large lab all throughout the whole room. All this stuff, of course, will need to be “prepped.” I hope everyone is ready to roll when we start in the Fall…

Alumni Connections

Some of you may be aware that I have been working on contacting Alumni. Why? To bring us all together somehow, of course. It would be awesome to find everyone, but right now I have 500 names and I am trying to put email addresses to them. I am more-or-less, through the “a”s. Baby steps. I am hoping to publish a “newsletter” by July 15th and make first contact on June 29th. Those are the goals!


So, there is a lot that has changed in this last year. Covid-19, BLM, faculty changes, staff changes….to name a few. There is a lot that will need to be “re-built.” I am going to start with re-doing my website and my Canvas pages for my classes. My hope is that there will be a lot more useful content for students and my friends to see what’s happening…

I am also working on contacting more alumni and connecting as many of them as possible. I think this is essential and helpful to our graduates and I hopefully everyone will agree with that!

Love Portland

Jen and I got engaged here and I loved the city when we were here and it hasn’t lost its charm. Happy to be here for these two weeks, but sure do miss my family.