So, there is a lot that has changed in this last year. Covid-19, BLM, faculty changes, staff changes….to name a few. There is a lot that will need to be “re-built.” I am going to start with re-doing my website and my Canvas pages for my classes. My hope is that there will be a lot more useful content for students and my friends to see what’s happening…

I am also working on contacting more alumni and connecting as many of them as possible. I think this is essential and helpful to our graduates and I hopefully everyone will agree with that!

Love Portland

Jen and I got engaged here and I loved the city when we were here and it hasn’t lost its charm. Happy to be here for these two weeks, but sure do miss my family.

Seattle Load-in

One of the awesome things about the Seattle Paramount is that the seating can disappear and the floor become somewhat flat. This makes for an easier load-in. Literally we hang the balcony rail with a Genie Lift…!! This is a pic of the seats half-way restored!
2019-06-11 13.56.38


This next term, I will continue having repair workshop time 3-5 MWF starting on Friday, January 11th.  I am expecting anyone in the sophomore class or a junior or senior tech major that does not have an assignment to do will be there.  I will give each student a project and all of you will be expected to complete them.  There is a lot to do in our shop and since initiative seems to be low, we are going to push you to do it.

Whoo – hoo!