Here we go

I’m back…. Of course I didn’t exactly leave either. I went to a few cities over the summer: Portland, Salt Lake, Detroit, Toledo, Toronto, etc. I learned some more and I am looking forward to sharing that with my students.

I am teaching ITP again this year and I am VERY excited. “So, you want to be a stagehand…”. I hope they have as much fun as I will. For anyone reading this, what does every stagehand need to know? How to lift? How to use mechanical advantage? How to stay out of the way? How to talk to others?

Please comment if you have a moment!


2 thoughts on “Here we go”

  1. Never miss the opportunity to keep your mouth shut.
    I never learned anything when my lips where moving.
    A good stagehand always looks up.
    These are just some

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